Evolving Perceptions

As many of you may already know, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a brilliant blogger over at Evolving Perceptions.

Anant is a fantastic writer and his positive outlook on the world around us is something I have grown to admire. He runs an Instagram account by the name of Hints for Life and his posts are all based on positive energy and how to keep your head held high when times are rough. Though he mentions my interview with him changed a part of him, I have to say his constant Instagram reminders that the world can be an awesome place, helps more people than he knows.

Below is my account with Anant, I hope you enjoy.

“Learn How To Add Magic in Your Life from Magician Himself

After the death of my mother, I fell into extreme depression. I spent years searching for something to fill the void in my heart since her passing.


I was searching in the wrong places. Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. My decisions were ripping my life apart. I was spiralling downward and there was no landing in sight, and from these depths, Magic saved me.


Magic seems to be lost in our lives. More we advance in technology, more mechanical beings we are turning into.

Stress, tension, competition and a sense of insecurity have deeply ingrained themselves in our system creeping into the soul.

In times like these, we all can use little magic in our lives to brighten it up, to make it more like a life worth enjoying rather than a life to just carry on with.

There is something about a magic trick. It just stops time for a while. Captivate us, set us free from our worries and transport us to a new dimension which bends all our rules and perceptions.

I consider myself lucky as I got a chance to chit-chat with one of the “transporter”

Troy P. is a Northern Arizona Based magician whose work not only compel to change your scientific notions but also how you think and perceive little things in life.

Here is an account of the conversation we had.


Honestly, it changed a part of me.

Anant: Being a professional magician yourself, it would be fantastic to know about your personal experiences and how you see magic related to life.

So, what was your first experience with magic? Like, when you start believing in the miracles and magic? Any childhood incident, or any incident that turned your logical beliefs upside down?

Me: My first experience with magic was when David Blaine did his first TV special. I think it was 01 or 01, but I was blown away. I remember I would record him on my VCR and rewatch over and over trying to reverse engineer how things were being done. I rediscovered magic later in life in the depths of a very deep depression. Magic allowed me to express myself in a positive way and it pulled me out. The timing of magic re-entering my life was meant to be. I wouldn’t say it turned my logical beliefs upside down, but the timing seemed oddly coincidental.

Anant: When did you decided that you want to pursue magic as a profession?
Me: I decided to pursue magic as a profession last year actually. It took me a very long time to gain the confidence to perform and even longer to ask for money for it! Last January I did my first paid show and it’s been fantastic ever since.

Anant: Which was the best moment in your performance that you still remember and which still excites you whenever you think of it?


Me:  My favorite experience was at a show I did recently for a fundraiser. An older woman was sitting alone sipping her cocktail and she looked like she wasn’t having very much fun. I approached her and she kindly stated she didn’t believe in magic, I offered to change her mind. She was hesitant but allowed me one shot. When she saw her thought of card vanish from her hands and appear into the deck, her entire aura changed. She then followed me to the next group and continued to watch. Before I left she thanked me for showing her things that she had always questioned. Needless to say, she wasn’t sitting alone anymore either.

Anant: What is the driving force that keeps you pursuing magic as a profession? Is the beauty that magic holds within or is it something else?
Me: Magic saved my life. I am in debt to it. Continuing to grow in this art form and sharing it with others is my way of paying that debt.

Anant: How do you see life and magic related to each other? How do you think that the art you perform fills your life and others with a feeling of bliss and excitement?


Me: The magic that I perform is a dramatized version of the magic I see in everyday life. The kind of magic I do is very visual and it Sparks an emotion. Often my spectators feel excited and joyous and for a brief moment, they feel childlike wonder. The magic that happens every day can spark those same emotions, it’s just not as blatantly visual.

Anant: Do you think that people should carry that lil magic and charisma within themselves?
And if yes, can you suggest how any 5 ways on how we, the everyday folks, who are busy chasing that image of success we have in our mind, can infuse the beauty of magic in our lives and make it better?

Me: I believe everybody has the ability to make other people feel good.

Simply smiling at strangers is a good way to brighten your day and who knows what that person could be going through. While smiling at them may be a small gesture to you, but to them, it could be Magic.

I think the one thing that people can do to keep the charisma and magic alive in their lives is to be yourself and find your passion. It sounds cliche but it’s the truth.

When you make other people feel good it makes you feel good, and when you find something you are passionate about and continue to practice your passion, those positive emotions keep circling back.

Anant: Last question, which is your favorite trick you have performed so far and can you please tell what happened and how it was when you first performed and amazed the audience?

Me: My favorite trick of all time is one I perform for couples at weddings and restaurants where I have a card selected by the both of them and signed. I then explain the importance of the angels on the back of Bicycle Playing Cards. They are angels forever riding bicycles towards each other. I then move one angel next to the other, so like the couple, they are forever riding together. It’s difficult to explain, but it makes the couple’s feel like they are on the right path.

This twenty minute talk not only changed a part of me but also guided and answered many of my questions.

Century’s finest entrepreneurs, their charismatic personality and spellbinding approach, no doubt, have created wonders. So, in a way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they indeed have a charisma and magic in their lives, which they carry with themselves wherever they go.

Like I said in the starting,

Stress, tension, competition and a sense of insecurity have deeply ingrained themselves in our system creeping into the soul.

In times like these, we all can use little magic in our lives to brighten it up, to make it more like a life worth enjoying rather than a life to just carry on with.

So, create your own magic and spread its charm wherever you go.

Check out Troy’s Facebook Page and Website And Show some love!
Troy’s one of us who despite hard times made something positive out of his life. Inspiration is everywhere among us, all we need is to search for it.

It’s your life. Take control of it.”


Answering these questions really allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and served as a great reminder as to why I got into this art to begin with.

Be sure to head over to Evolving Perceptions

Patience, Practice and Persistence.




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